Much has changed in the past few days, but much remains the same. The White House will shift from Democratic to Republican control in January. The makeup of the Great Lakes Congressional delegation did not change much, and the House of Representatives and Senate will remain with Republican leadership. Regardless, our commitment to ensuring the Great Lakes are protected and safe for all remains unwavering.

During the election, candidates throughout the region pledged to support Great Lakes protection efforts. We appreciate those commitments. And we will hold elected officials accountable to their promises.

For decades, we have educated elected officials on both sides of the aisle on the critical importance of the Great Lakes, and we will continue this work in 2017 and beyond. We expect our leaders to keep existing laws and regulations in place and enforced. We stand firm against efforts to undermine basic clean water protections. Great Lakes protection and clean water are not options or add-ons. They are fundamental to the health and vitality of this region and all of its people.

Our region’s work to protect the Great Lakes and clean water is strongest when it includes all who live and work here. There is no space for divisions by race, gender, faith, or economic status when doing the job of protecting our Great Lakes. Voters in the Great Lakes region share a common value for clean water. And we will be here, alongside Great Lakes voters, standing up for clean water for all.


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