After just a few short weeks, the new Congress and Administration in Washington, DC have made it clear that our water is at risk. That’s why the Alliance has developed its 2017 Great Lakes Action Agenda, which outlines our federal priorities for lawmakers to Protect the Great Lakes.

Upholding the Clean Water Act and Funding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is central to our water protection agenda.

Clean Water Act and EPA must stay

EPA plays a critical role in safeguarding our nation’s water resources. To successfully implement the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, protect public health and keep our water clean, EPA must receive funding commensurate with its critical responsibilities.

2017 Great Lakes Action Agenda – Water Protection Priorities

The new Administration and Congress should:
Maintain EPA’s current Great Lakes program and enforcement budgets, and
Uphold the Clean Water Act to ensure that progress in restoring the Great Lakes is not undermined by weakening bedrock laws that protect clean water.