The Alliance recently created its 2017 Great Lakes Action Agenda, outlining our federal priorities and concrete actions for lawmakers to take to protect the lakes. Stopping Asian carp from moving between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins is a key part of our agenda.

Separate the Great Lakes and Mississippi River Basins

Preventing Asian carp from reaching the Great Lakes is a top concern and an increasingly urgent issue. Asian carp pose a serious threat to the lakes’ ecosystems. Existing barriers are not effective against juvenile fish, and larvae have been found less than 50 miles from Lake Michigan. Asian carp advanced over 60 miles in 2015, so stopping their progress is an urgent priority.

The Alliance is urging lawmakers to pursue immediate measures to stop Asian carp in the short term as we continue working with stakeholders toward a long-term solution.

Interim action is urgently needed

Right now, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is completing a Feasibility Study on Brandon Road Lock and Dam at Joliet, Ill. The lock is a logical choke point location to install Asian carp control measures to stop the fish from moving closer to the lake. The Corps will complete this study in 2019 and must move swiftly to begin construction.

2017 Great Lakes Action Agenda – Asian carp priorities

We urge federal funding:

  • To complete the U.S. Army Corps’ Brandon Road Feasibility Study and authorize construction immediately following completion
  • To model and study the CAWS hydrology, a necessary first step in identifying control points and developing a long-term plan to prevent the two-way movement of aquatic invasive species, and
  • To develop the Aquatic Invasive Species Treatment Lock concept, which would protect the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins while allowing the movement of vessels between them.