Aveda is dedicated to protecting the environment and showing love for clean water. A big part of that mission is Aveda Earth Month. It’s just around the corner, and we’re thrilled to be a clean water partner again this year.  

How Aveda Salons and Stylists Protect Clean Water

Aveda celebrates Earth Month in a big way. Every year, their salons and stylists across the country raise money for a cause very close to their work: clean water. For the 11th year in a row, Aveda salons and stylists will raise funds for the Alliance. Over the years, they’ve raised $3.4 million to protect the Great Lakes!

Group photo at Indira Aveda Lifestyle Salon Spa's Dog Walk for Clean Water.
Indira Aveda Lifestyle Salon Spa hosts a dog walk for clean water.

There are hundreds of ways to support clean water, and Aveda salons and stylists take that to heart with creative and fun events. Fashion shows, dog walks, golf tournaments, beach walks, and cut-a-thons are just a handful of the ways they raise funds. Salons and their customers aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty either. A number of salons host Adopt-a-Beach cleanups — protecting the lakes on the ground!

An Aveda Adopt-a-Beach cleanup at Pere Martquette Park, MI in 2007.
An Aveda Adopt-a-Beach cleanup at Pere Martquette Park, MI in 2007.

Aveda Earth Month 2018

Aveda Earth Month donations  make so much of our work possible. The fundraising puts volunteers on beaches, helps provide over 60,000 students with Great Lakes curriculum, and facilitates hard-fought policy wins.

Aveda’s theme this year is Stand up for Clean Water. And we hope you’ll join us and the salons and stylists in doing just that. It’s easy and fun to get involved, you can find an event near you on our Aveda Earth Month 2018 page.

Thank you to Aveda salons and stylists for all you do to protect clean water and the Great Lakes.