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Anthonia Ogudipe is our Water Policy Analyst. She recently moved to Chicago from Massachusetts where she received her Master of Science in Sustainable Water Management from Tufts University and worked for the Ipswich River Watershed Association on self-regulatory and self-sustaining water governance strategies. Prior to her most recent work in Massachusetts she worked in active legal practice, regulatory advocacy, and government affairs for over 6 years advocating for clients and collaborating with individuals, corporate organizations, and government agencies in various economic spheres. Anthonia is driven by a desire to enable universal access to safe and clean water, and improve quality of human life in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

Anthonia leads the Alliance’s work to research and improve drinking water, storm water, and wastewater infrastructure policy at the federal, state, and local level. Her focus is on identifying opportunities for how the regulatory environment, public demand, and funding options interplay to shape clean water outcomes. She will identify specific infrastructure financing mechanisms available to state and local governments, and work with our policy team to apply that knowledge to advance policy changes and support project implementation.