Destinee Henton serves as the Alliance’s Ohio Outreach Coordinator, and oversees local volunteer and education efforts designed to protect, restore and celebrate one of the state’s greatest treasuresLake Erie. In her role, Destinee provides resources, tools, and training to teachers to offer their students with experiential Great Lakes learning opportunities. This includes organizing professional development workshops for teachers ahead of the school year to support them in incorporating Great Lakes education in their classrooms and planning field trips to Lake Erie beaches. Destinee has also played an instrumental role in ensuring young people have a voice in the Alliance’s work with communities across the greater Cleveland area. 

Destinee is a tireless advocate for young people and has worked in several capacities with youth all across Cuyahoga County. While she’s not from Cleveland, Destinee has come to love everything about her city from residents’ love and concern for their communities to the beautiful Lake Erie all Clevelanders share. Destinee received her bachelor’s degree from Case Western Reserve University.