Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Todd Brennan serves as a leader and voice for the Alliance in local and state level policy and programming. Todd works regionally on matters related to sustainable water use and sits on the Advisory Committee for the eight-state Great Lakes Water Resources Compact and Binational Agreement. He works to ensure the integrity of the compact and has advised on new rules for compact implementation. Todd plays an integral role in shaping the Alliance’s work on nutrient pollution from agricultural sources. Todd partners with University Wisconsin – Green Bay to spearhead a broad-based initiative in Lower Fox River communities to reduce phosphorus pollution and improve water quality in Green Bay. He leads a team of colleagues and partners that are advancing innovative management and policy approaches to watershed pollution control in Wisconsin.

Prior to joining the Alliance in 2008, Todd served as Marine Programs Manager for Discovery World in Milwaukee. He led expeditionary learning, research, and freshwater awareness programs aboard the vessel Denis Sullivan, which he sailed across the Great Lakes, eastern seaboard, and Caribbean. While there, Todd formalized a partnership with United Nations becoming the first ever United Nations flagship. Prior to that, he worked on both U.S. coasts in fisheries management and marine mammal research. Todd holds a captain’s license to sail vessels as big as 100 tons and acts as a relief Captain in the summer off the coast of Milwaukee. He received his masters degree in water policy and planning from University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences, where he where he is now a member of the Alumni Board of Trustees. He is also a certified instructor of facilitation and co-teaches a course called the Journey of Collaboration based out of the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison. When not working or sailing Todd enjoys life in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin with his wife, three kids, dog, cat, and flock of chickens.