Standpoint Series

Under the surface of our region’s most pressing water issues

The Alliance for the Great Lakes wants a healthy Great Lakes for all people and wildlife, forever. The vision, while ambitious, is simple enough. But how and why we work to achieve it is more complex. So, we’ve created the Standpoint Series, a set of articles that offer a deeper look at our work.

In the current political climate—where reaction replaces strategy and sound bites outshine substance—we are reflecting on what it could truly mean to win on clean water for generations to come. We’re going beyond 280 characters, beyond the talking points, with a series of short essays to articulate our standpoint and spark conversation.

From the issues we take on, to the positions we take, to the way we engage people, the series aims to treat each of these topics with the nuance they deserve. Our hope is to communicate a clear vision, promote shared understanding, and articulate our deeply-rooted commitment to protecting the Great Lakes for the millions of people who rely on them.

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