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Special Report: Water Affordability in Ohio

Ohio communities face significant costs to replace and upgrade aging water and sewer infrastructure while maintaining health and environmental quality—a challenge that mirrors national trends. As these costs drive increasing utility prices, Ohio leaders are interested in ensuring that the economically vulnerable can afford to pay for these essential services. 

To that end, a new study commissioned by the Alliance for the Great Lakes and the Ohio Environmental Council authored by national expert Manuel Teodoro, PhD, assesses the affordability of basic drinking water and sewer utility service for low-income households in the state of Ohio.

Our research finds that affordability of basic water and sewer services impacts Ohioans across the state in both urban and rural areas. A comprehensive, state-wide strategy is needed to address this issue.

This report was funded by a generous grant from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

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Report originally published November 13, 2019.