We’ve been waiting for it: Ohio’s detailed plan to cleanup western Lake Erie. Ohio released the state’s plan yesterday and, unfortunately, it’s a dud.

Each state and province around western Lake Erie is required to develop a roadmap for cleaning up western Lake Erie and, in turn, reducing toxic algal blooms. We’re disappointed to discover that Ohio’s plan fails to detail specific, meaningful tactics to limit the flow of agricultural runoff pollution into the lake.

Runoff from agricultural lands is the main source of the pollution fueling algal blooms in the lake. In study after study, scientists have shown that reducing the amount of agricultural runoff pollution will significantly reduce Lake Erie algae blooms and improve the lake’s health.

Ohio has the opportunity to be a regional leader on this issue. Governor Kasich committed in 2015, along with other regional leaders, to significantly reduce pollution flowing into western Lake Erie. We can solve this problem. But it’s going to take action. Governor Kasich has said the right things—now he must follow through.