The Great Lakes are massive and awe-inspiring. But they are at risk if we do not take care of them.

Our staff are at the forefront of the Great Lakes protection movement. We lead the way, making sure the health of the lakes is a priority when policy-makers are writing new laws and enforcing current ones. We anticipate future threats to the Great Lakes and develop solutions to make sure the health of the lakes is not put in danger.

Plastic Pollution

As plastic pollution breaks down in the Great Lakes, microscopic pieces of plastic are found in the lakes and even treated drinking water. We’re fighting for plastic-free water.

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Invasive Species

Invasive species – like zebra mussels and round gobies – have forever damaged the Great Lakes. We’re working to keep new ones out.

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Drinking Water

Clean water is a basic human need. No one should be without clean, safe, affordable tap water in their home.

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Local Partnerships

We’re improving Great Lakes protection in communities, using our skills, resources, and expertise in support of community leaders and networks.

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Agricultural Pollution

Runoff pollution from farm fields harms the Great Lakes and threatens drinking water.

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Environmental Justice

Everyone in the Great Lakes region should have healthy access to the lakes and clean water. But not everyone does.

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Climate Change

Climate change puts wildlife, drinking water, and our regional economy at risk.

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Great Lakes Compact

The Great Lakes hold 90% of North America’s fresh surface water. But they can be depleted if we don’t take care to keep Great Lakes water in the lakes.

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Take Action – Protect the Great Lakes

Your voice, when combined with thousands of advocates around the lakes, can make a difference! See our active alerts and take action.

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