The Great Lakes are massive and awe inspiring. But, they are at risk if we do not take care of them.

Our staff are at the forefront of the Great Lakes protection movement. We lead the way, making sure the health of the lakes is a priority when policy-makers are writing new laws and enforcing current ones. We anticipate future threats to the Great Lakes and develop solutions to make sure the health of the lakes is not put in danger.

We need your help. We can’t protect the Great Lakes alone. Your voice—by sending a letter to your Member of Congress or attending a local meeting—makes a difference.

Saving Lake Erie

Massive, bright green toxic algal blooms cover large parts of Lake Erie each summer. This is an unacceptable threat to drinking water for more than 11 million people.

Save Lake Erie

Great Lakes, Great Communities

Heavy rains overwhelm the water systems in many Great Lakes communities. Basements back up, streets flood, and polluted water cascades into the nearest lake or stream.

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Standpoint Series

A set of eight short essays meant to articulate our perspective and spark conversation. We’re going beyond 140 characters, beyond the talking points, and taking a deeper look at our region's most pressing water issues.

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Restoring Green Bay

Wisconsin's Green Bay suffers a large dead zone each year, threatening fish and wildlife. We're developing new partnerships and solutions to restore the bay.

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Oil and Water

The Great Lakes faces a critical choice. Should the region become a thruway for shipping tar sands crude oil via ship?

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