Dive into Our Lakes Chat Summer Series

October 4, 2021

Over the summer, the Alliance hosted our Lakes Chat Summer Series. We chatted with a special guest each week about Great Lakes issues ranging from infrastructure to water levels – and what it all means for you and your community.

Go ahead, dive into some timely topics below.

Water Infrastructure Funding – View from DC: We chatted with Don Jodrey, the Alliance’s Director of Federal Government Relations, about updates from Washington, DC on infrastructure policy and funding.
50 Years for the Great Lakes: We chatted with Joel Brammeier, Alliance for the Great Lakes President & CEO, about the Alliance’s history and our 50th anniversary.
Invasive Carp: Invasive carp have been a looming threat for years, steadily moving up Illinois waterways toward Lake Michigan. At the same time, the federal government and Great Lakes states have been debating options for preventing these harmful fish from getting into the lakes. We chatted with Anna-Lisa Castle, the Alliance’s Water Policy Manager. She leads the Alliance’s policy campaign to keep invasive carp out of the Great Lakes.
Enjoy a Plastic-Free 4th of July: The Alliance’s Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, Olivia Reda, shared how to keep plastic off our beaches and out of the Great Lakes.
Harmful Algal Blooms: Each year, a harmful algal bloom forms in western Lake Erie that grows so big that it can be seen from outer space. Todd Brennan, the Alliance’s Senior Policy Manager, walked us through what causes harmful algal blooms and what can be done to fix the problem.
Ships, Invasive Species, & The Great Lakes: Molly Flanagan, the Alliance’s Chief Operating Officer and Vice President for Programs dug into the connections between ships, aquatic invasive species, and the Great Lakes – and what’s being done to fix the problem.
Environmental Justice: Here at the Alliance, we feel that the Great Lakes region has an opportunity to lead the way and showcase how environmental justice can be achieved. Crystal M.C. Davis, the Alliance’s Vice President for Policy and Strategic Engagement, leads much of the Alliance’s water policy work. She also leads the Alliance’s commitment to diverse engagement of Great Lakes communities.
Water Levels: Joel Brammeier, the Alliance’s President and CEO, talked about high water levels and how climate change plays a part.