The next generation of Great Lakes leaders joined together to give back to the lakes.

Alliance for the Great Lakes’ Young Professional Council aims to engage the next generation of Great Lakes leaders. The flagship council began in Chicago in 2016, and a second council has since started in Cleveland in 2017.  The Alliance plans to expand the Young Professional Council further and develop chapters in other Great Lakes cities. Council members are chosen for their leadership and organizational skills, as well as a desire to make a tangible, positive difference in their community and the Great Lakes.

If you have questions about the Chicago YPC please contact Tyrone Dobson at If you have question about the Cleveland YPC please contact Destinee Henton at


Current Members

Amanda Battles Quintin Martins Shelby Walchuk
Kevin Lardner Kathryn Dugal Danny Drees
Delilah Clement Ben Tiemann Sophie Miller
Liz Hartnett Jaclyn Carmichael Nate Prescott
Ele Edreva Caitlin Dillon Melissa Anson
Ned Bothfeld Ruta Deshpande Nathalie Siegel
Mila Marshall Tim Oravec Katie Levin
Claire Bansberg Katie Hanson Paige Bonk
Dan Slaboda

Read about groups and organizations that have received grants from the Chicago Young Professional Council.


Current Members

Karlton Laster Allison Lukacsy- Love Rachel Williams
Stephanie Bencin Anne Roberto Mary Barnwell
Jason Guyer Jacob Charles Sinatra Hunter Scott
Elizabeth Ajadi Selina Pagan Carrie Pinney
Brenna Davis Ethan Goodman Selby Majewski
Kendrick Chittock Miklos Nadas Stacey Yanetta
Laura Perme