The next generation of Great Lakes leaders in the Chicago area joined together to give back to the lakes.

The Young Professional Council is comprised of young Chicago professionals and Great Lakes enthusiasts. Council members are chosen for their leadership and organizational skills, as well as a desire to make a tangible, positive difference in their community and the Great Lakes.

Current Members

Andrew Adair
Alison Anastasio
Brian Arnoldt
Claire Bansberg
Paige Bonk
Ned Bothfeld
Sandy Carter (Co-Chair)
Beau D’Arcy
Elora Ditton
Sarah Edwards
Keara Fanning
Glenda Gonzalez
Katie Hanson (Co-Chair)
Ian Hughes
Kari Irwin Otteburn
Ian Jacobson
Chad Kruse
David Kurczewski
Katie Levin
Nicole Machucha
Mila Kellen Marshall
Steven Navas
Timothy Oravec
Manny Ozaeta
Matt Renfree
Dan Sloboda
Chad Solberg
Melissa Speaker
Ross Swanson
Sarah Weaver


Applications for the Young Professional Council are currently open! Apply to be a member here.  You can read a description of the position here. Although the Council is currently only active in the Chicago area, we plan to expand it to more cities soon!

We’re always looking to connect with potential members, so don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your interest or any questions you may have or check out the Young Professional Council’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.