2021 Successes – What We Accomplished Together

President's Message

December 8, 2021

Joel Brammeier
Joel Brammeier, President & CEO

I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who supported the Alliance this year. Whether you volunteered, donated, told your elected officials how important the Great Lakes are, or shared your passion for the lakes with friends and family, you made a real difference.

With your support, we’ve made important progress on protecting the lakes so they can be enjoyed by you and everyone who calls this region home. Here is just a snapshot of what you helped us accomplish this year:

Advocacy & Leadership

  • We successfully advocated for congressional funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative at $375 million per year, increasing to $475 million per year by 2026, ensuring more on-the-ground restoration and cleanup projects around the lakes.

Education & Action

Research & Analysis

  • We issued our first Cost to Comply report, detailing the investment and accountability needed to dramatically reduce farm runoff to Green Bay and the Lower Fox River. We’re now applying this method to stop the agricultural pollution that feeds algal blooms in Lake Erie.
  • We educated Detroiters about the causes of the disastrous June floods that  damaged thousands of homes and businesses and caused massive sewage overflows – and showed opportunities to use nature-based infrastructure to help alleviate the problems.

There is so much more to share than I can put in one blog post, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks so much for your generosity and support.

I hope you will stay with the Alliance throughout 2022 so we can accomplish even more together.

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