Crystal M.C. Davis and Tom Zimnicki – Harmful Algal Blooms and Downstream Costs

Lakes Chat Podcast: Episode 16

September 20, 2022

Crystal M.C. Davis headshot.
Crystal M.C. Davis, Vice President of Policy and Strategic Engagement

Crystal M.C. Davis leads the Alliance’s policy and advocacy efforts related to Lake Erie and manages the organization’s Ohio office. She has played an integral role in the Alliance’s emerging work around drinking water and developing a people-centered model for protecting the Great Lakes.

Tom Zimnicki headshot.
Tom Zimnicki, Agriculture & Restoration Policy Director

As the Alliance’s Agricultural & Restoration Policy Director, Tom leads work in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio to achieve the Alliance’s agriculture and water goals and implements regional restoration initiatives. In addition, he serves as a convener, organizer, and relationship builder at all levels of government and stakeholders, emphasizing state-level agriculture water policy.

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