Adopt-a-Beach Makes a Splash

May 22, 2024

A photo of Adopt-a-Beach volunteers surrounds ABC World News Tonight anchor Linsey Davis.

Adopt-a-Beach made a big splash in the media this spring, raising awareness about plastic pollution and solutions. And 20 years’ worth of Adopt-a-Beach volunteers were part of it.

“One of the things I love about Adopt-a-Beach is how long our volunteers’ work lasts,” said Olivia Reda, Volunteer Engagement Manager and author of the new report Adopt-a-Beach: 20 Years of Great Lakes Litter Data.

“On the days of their cleanups, volunteers keep plastic and other trash out of the Great Lakes. People who see the cleanups are often inspired to do cleanups of their own weeks or months later. And the litter data our volunteers collect becomes part of a 20-plus year dataset that’s helping communities find solutions to plastic pollution.”

Here are some of this spring’s Adopt-a-Beach stories from across the region:

“Thanks again to everyone who volunteers with Adopt-a-Beach,” said Reda. “I am so grateful for each and every action you’ve taken to help protect the Great Lakes!”

A special thanks to this year’s top Adopt-a-Beach sponsors: HSBC, Meijer, and Unilever.