Your backyard is special

The view from your backyard is something special and rare: a ravine. Its tree-covered slopes are home to native birch trees, songbirds, butterflies, wildflowers and year-round foliage. It adds scenic vistas to your neighborhood and privacy to your yard.

While all it takes to enjoy your ravine is a brief gaze from your kitchen window, keeping your ravine healthy and beautiful can be a challenge. Ravines are vulnerable to erosion and slope failures that can literally wash away land and property value and increase pollution to Lake Michigan.

3 things you can do to protect your ravine

  1. Plant ravine-friendly landscaping. Use native trees, flowers and foliage; they have deep roots that reduce erosion. For ideas and a list of landscapers who can help, see the Revitalizing Our Ravines Resident Guide. And learn how one ravine homeowner created beautiful and ravine-friendly landscaping.
  2. Keep rainfall on your property. Disconnect gutter downspouts from pipes that flow directly into your ravine. Plant rain gardens to absorb water on your property.
  3. Stop the dumping. Don’t empty your swimming pool or dump grass clippings into the ravine.

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