I would like to thank The Outdoors Club General Body for being so supportive of our mission of preserving nature in its most beautiful form. Adam Erlichman

Thanks for keeping one of the most amazing natural wonders of the world beautiful! You all are awesome! Jennifer K

everyone, we love the awareness this team brings to our waters. Thanks so very much! You’re taking care of what God Gave us

Mike Jasinski!

Stephanie Deegan

Thanks for caring and all your effort!!!

Thanks to Sheridan Park Friends, Stormwater Solutions Engineering staff, Women of Water and Milwaukee County Parks and neighbors for all your help in the cleanup!

Oak Street Beach Team

Thanks to all involved. I go to beach at least three times per week. Despite that I was surprised how easy it was to pick up two pounds of trash. With this awareness may we all do more frequent beach grooming.

Charlotte H

Stephanie Smith

Thank you to all of Milwaukee’s Adopt-a-Beach Volunteers from the Milwaukee Public Library Foundation!

I want to thank Stephen Love of the Euclid Beach Adopt-a-Beach Team in Cleveland for his dedication organizing beach cleanups over the past 7 years! He and his group have gone way above and beyond a basic beach cleanup, from raising awareness about the harms to our area of plastic cigar tips, to working on signage, to organizing street cleanups to reduce garbage at the source (to name a few initiatives), he’s a true asset to our section of Lake Erie. Claire Posius, Euclid Creek Watershed Coordinator

Thank you to anyone and everyone who loves our beaches and keeps them beautiful and healthy.

You guys for setting this up – way to go Alliance for the Great Lakes!!

Everyone who organizes or participates in Adopt-a-Beach events!

Thank you volunteers!

Maggie, Teri, Joanne, Sumana, Carolyn, Samantha

Thank you to the team of volunteers who keep Jackson Park 57th and 63rd and 67th street Beaches clean. Thank you to Sarah Neville for being our Alliance Angel helping get the paperwork and supplies. It is an honor to make a positive difference in our lakes future with each of you. Thank you, Louise McCurry

Thank you to all the Adopt-a-Beach volunteers this year! You guys are AWESOME! – Danielle H.

Thank you to our devoted beach tenders at the Howard Hanna Real Estate West 12th S, Erie Airport Office. Patty

Thank you to all volunteers!!!!!!!

Thank you Mercyhurst University for your dedication and commitment to keeping the beaches of Presque Isle State Park and the waters of Lake Erie healthy, clean, and beautiful.

Everyone who made our beaches cleaner and more beautiful. THANKS!

Thank you, volunteers and organizers for your time and effort toward this very worthy cause! -Sam G.

Thank you to Besser Elementary School!!

Thanks to all the volunteers for their time and energy!

A grandmother whom I met on the beach with a huge bag and she was with her grandson and he had to pick her up. She says they feel one of those bags every time they go to the lake. Thanks to everyone who remembers to take an empty bag and fill it up whenever they go.

SARAH NEVILLE. She is literally, the best. And works so hard and has so much knowledge/passion for the lakes. Though I don’t know the adopt-a-beach program without Sarah, I think the program is so successful in large part to her!! YAY Sarah!!

All the volunteers and especially the organizers who put in so much effort to get everything right.


Thanks to all of the team leaders, volunteers, and those who helped in other ways.

All of you!! I am trying to do my part on Long Island. My relatives all live in Buffalo and I spent many summers at Lake Erie. When I was young it was like being at the ocean!


Awesome that soo many care about the Great Lakes and keeping them clean. Much appreciated hi five to you all.

Thanks to all Adopt A Beach Volunteers for doing a wonderful job maintaining Great Lakes!

Thanks to you all for your hard work and dedication!

Thank you, Team Leader Dean Nolan, teacher Pat Cleveland and Principal Khelghati of Dewey Elementary School – and my kids…Jexa and Azra – for your super great participation!

The incredible Jamie Cross, who makes so much of it happen!

Ruth. She makes social media magic happen so we can celebrate the cleanups with amazing pix of volunteer action all around the Great Lakes!

Thanks to Justin Schwartz for being the dude!

Angelo, Amy, Mari, Oliver…who’ve been part of many great Alliance cleanup adventures

Ann, Lance, Miller and Tallulah who help lead the cleanup charge at their beach – xoxo!

Thank you Josie, Michaela, Lilly and Beauty members of Girl Scout Troop #4174 – Minnesota and Wisconsin Lakes and Pines Council! – Sandy

Everyone who cares for our beautiful beaches is a star in the heavens. I (and I bet the higher powers) send you the blessings you justly deserve.

Everyone from team leaders to volunteers thank you!!

Everyone who has worked so hard to keep our water system and shoreline clean!

Thank you from the waters of our land…you are appreciated more than you know. All of you who work for keeping our land and water pure and safe…thank you from the hearts of Wisconsin’s people.

The Ultimate Beachcombers! We are a team that has been cleaning up the beach at Van Buren State Park on beautiful Lake Michigan for years. I’m proud to be part of these great volunteers. We all make a difference!

Scott Isaacson

Thanks to everyone for all of their dedication over the years – you are awesome.

Karen m Julie F

Thank you to all the wonderful Mather High School students and staff members that did a fantastic job cleaning Loyola Beach!

I would to take everyone who promoted this, who sponsored this, and who participated in this. This is a wonderful event and I am looking forward to participating again next year 🙂

Thanks so much to all of our Zoo Crew teens and other volunteers for your help with keeping our beaches clean! Thanks to the Alliance for a great 25 yrs. ! – D’Edra T.

Thanks to all the students of EC Central High that have volunteered for 4 years and counting…

Thanks to Mrs. Casper and the Grant Great Lakes Gang from Grant Elementary School in Sheboygan Wisconsin

WNY PTECH Stem Academy

Dunkirk School #7 Fifth Graders

Bennett Paluch

To all of you – As family obligations and constraints have kept me from joining in your ranks thus far, I so very much appreciate all you’ve done and so hope to join you next year. My most sincere and heartfelt thanks, E Elster

All the folks who walk the beaches picking up trash make one great army for our Great Lakes

Thanks to all those that keep our lakes clean!

A big thank you to the students and staff at Gates Mills Environmental Education Center!

I’m new to Chicago and love visiting the beaches. Thank you to everyone who makes them such a beautiful place to be!

Thank you so very, very much!!!!!!!!!!

Sheridan Park leaders Carrie and Tony

I would like to thank Amy, Regis, Mike, Eve, Tom, and all other volunteers. We enjoyed making our beach beautiful.

Members and friends of Portage Lake Garden Club, Onekama Michigan

thanks to glaciation for making the great lakes wonderous

Thank you Alliance for driving this “Adopt-a-Beach” bus and for getting all the volunteers safely on it!-Geof B.

Thanks to Nate Drag and his corporate/student volunteers for always being there to clean up the shoreline at Times Beach Nature Preserve! We appreciate the dedication and time the groups have given to this habitat park. –Vicki Haas, Erie County Dept. of Environment & Planning

I live by the Lake and have been enjoying it for the last few years. I appreciate the work by all the team leaders and volunteers to give keep this national treasure beautiful and clean!

All of them!

Thanks to all the Belle Isle, Detroit, MI “volunteer cleaner uppers” which includes me and Lori and John!

Thank you to the GLAD volunteers from the Shedd Aquarium and to all those that take part in keeping the Great Lakes great, clean and beautiful!!

Jamie Cross

Thanks to my students for working diligently to clean up our local beach!!

Thank you to the Friends of the Manitowoc River Watershed, The Twin Rivers Watershed, Friends of Hika Bay, Friends of the Branch River Watershed, Friends of Crescent Beach, The Sheboygan River Basin Partnership and Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership

Thank You Carrie Bristoll-Groll of Storm Water Solutions Engineering LLC

Thanks to all of those people that keep Lake St. Clair clean!

Thanks to all the volunteers who help keep the Lake Erie beaches clean! I love our Great Lakes.

Thank you to all first and second generation Adopt a Beach-ers.

Thank you for loving, caring for and bonding with our Great Lakes, for helping to make this part of our culture of clean Great Lakes beaches, for laying the trail, in so many ways, for generations to follow.

Thanks to all who gave effort and time to clean up the beaches we love so much. I have seen Edgewater and Huntington beaches and they look so GOOD. All set for another season!

Thank you to all the amazing people who appreciate our wonderful Jackson Park beaches and lakefront and have volunteered for our clean up days.

All of the above.

To all the great people who care so much, thank you for all your hard work!!!

Edgewater clean up crew: My family! I asked if they would like to do a beach clean up, and they showed up! They did a great job and sure did clean up that beach! To Bryn, Regis, Mike, Eve, Tom, McKenna and Katy: THANK YOU!

Thank you Cleveland Aquarium, Elizabeth and Hubby.

Thanks to all who take the time to care for our beloved lakes!

All of the volunteers

Jamie Cross and Jillian Edwards for the timeless and unending support and assistance, plus all of my children and students-Al Whitfield,ll
Thanks Adopters for keeping the Great Lakes beautiful

You are awesome and are due our gratitude.

Thanks to all my fellow cleanup volunteers.

Thank you to everyone involved in keeping our Great Lakes healthy!

Thank you for all of your hard work! It is so very much appreciated!! Valerie A.

Thanks to all the leaders and volunteers that support keeping our Great Lakes clean!

Everyone who gave their generous gift of time to this amazing cause! Thank you for helping to keep our lakes GREAT!

City of Norton Shores, Norton Shores Police Department, the MSHS Eco-warriors, and everyone who helped out with the Lake Harbor Park beach cleanup on October 22nd! Thank you! Vicki & Bill Schneider